Il mio mondo
acrylic on canvas
50×70 cm.


Camelia Rostom (Beirut  – Lebanon), has a degree in art education (specialized in : Fine Arts) at the Lebanese University -Faculty of Education in 2003, and a license in Computer and graphic design in 2008.
She continued her education by collaborating with the laboratory of interior design and painting Badih Semaan in 2003 and with the laboratory of interior design and painting by Roger Semaan in 2004 in Lebanon, growing the painting and sculpture techniques.
The combination of these educational reality and the assiduous commitment to the Graphic Art and Painting, have created a production that emphasizes the details, where the light and shade, the shadow areas and light seem to revive the elements . The works are characterized from the point of view of the executive, by considerable complexity due to the use of multiple strategies and techniques: sculpture, watercolor, acrylics, collage and oil painting for the paintings.
The works are of different sizes and different surfaces: canvas, walls, wood, glass, plexi,paper, cardboard …. In choosing the artistic theme is like a chameleon: she likes to change color, image and style …


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