Andy Nanz

Work no. 62
120 x 120 cm
mixed media: wood, acrylic paint, digital print


Andy Nanz (Stäfa  – Switzerland) was born 1965 in Zurich, Switzerland. Master of Business Administration, professional experience in marketing and advertising. Founder, owner and CEO of a company specialized in home accessories and lifestyle items. Engaged in product development and design concepts, Andy Nanz experienced an increasing urge to become creative without any commercial goals and target groups in mind, to create something visual coming from his inner self.
Having his own art studio since November 2011, Andy Nanz experiments with overlaying images and sometimes combining them with layers of acrylic colors and tangible materials.
Andy Nanz follows two different artistic directions:
“Layers”: by combining various layers of his own photographs, the aim is to create a deep, vague, enhanced impression  of natural and spacial scenes, enabling the viewer to “immerse” into the topic as deep as possible.
“Deep rooms”: Combining extracts of his own photographs with tangible materials such as used and new wood, layers of painting or wallpapers, the aim is to create „real“ looking, „architectural“ spacial scenes that on second sight turn out to be rather abstract. Playing with tangible foregrounds and vague backgrounds, the works get an alluring three-dimensional quality.
With both directions, Andy Nanz wants to open new rooms, creating inner an outer depth as a visual but also mental concept.


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