Adam Mielu Pakurar

G.K. 1 (Grace Kelly)
Acryl and lack on canvas


Adam Mielu Pakurar (Salzburg  – Austria) is Born in 1962 in Serbia.(Grebenac) is an Austrian artist. In Summer Academy and worked as a restorer, designer and sculptor. Since then he has lived in Salzburg / Austria, and has operated. Numerous exhibitions at home and abroad as well as various prices in recognition of for my artistic process and life.
Art Fair Salzburg. Austria -2002 -2003 -2004. Golden Award “Amí’ del Europe” in Baden-Baden. Germany – 2004. Salzburg forum kind of Baden-Baden. Germany -2004. Meisterschveind. Zwitzerland – 2005 – 2006. Constance Strasbourg. France – 2007. New York .USA – 2008 . Museum of Americas. (MoA)  2012. IBAEM (Miami –Biennale) USA. – 2013. Taza Bienal in Moroco. – 2014. The ART EXPO MIAMI USA – 2015.-Contemporary Art Show –Venice 2016,Dubai 2017 (GAA)…etc
Right now I live and live in Salzburg in Austria. Some of artworks are in the Würth Museum, as well as various private art collectors.


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