Ed Moret

World Peace
36×36 inch.


Ed Moret  (Northampton, MA  – USA).  “I know that within the depths of my soul the light of creativity prevails and orchestrates a symphony to the rhythm of our hearts.” Born in the West Indies in 1950, my love for the ocean and nature became an integral part of my life. At an early age I felt compelled to paint and capture the plethora of beauty and harmony the Earth offered. The Earth became my living canvas where the spark of inspiration grew and the physical manifestation of creativity flourished. My paintings are richly textured, brightly colored, and extremely detailed. Although the scenes I paint contain varying degrees of surrealistic elements, they are entirely convincing because of my dedication to portraying animals, plants, and landscape with an almost photorealistic level of detail. I want my compositions to transcend the boundaries of time and space so the strength of light becomes the central theme of landscape.
My strong interest in world travel and my love for the environment compelled me to paint the story of climate change and its direct impact on our civilization. My artwork centers on environmental themes such as global warming and endangered species. My travels to Peru, Iceland, India, Nepal and to the Amazon jungle have granted me a firsthand look at the melting glaciers and deforestation, which has served to underscore the importance of my work.
My art has recently received international recognition, which includes receiving an Art Award for being selected as one of the Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art for 2017 in Florence, Italy. I was also recognized and nominated for the Global Art Awards in Dubai and received an Award for “Messenger of Peace” from Art Tour International Magazine. Along with international shows, I’ve been shown at the Museum of Art and Design in NYC, the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art in Las Vegas and in the Chelsea International Fine Art Show in New York City. I am featured in the “International Contemporary Masters” and “Contemporary Art of Excellence” art books along with the award-winning Art Tour International Magazine in 2017. In 1986, I received an Honorary Doctors of Humanities Degree for my contribution to global concerns.
My hope is for my artwork to touch the hearts and souls of many throughout the world, helping people to see the rapid changes the Earth is undergoing and learn to care for our home as I do. In this life I am thankful for this opportunity to grow with my art and explore the endless possibilities of self-expression.


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