Eleazar Joel Sanchez

Il Bel Paese
120×80 cm
olio su tela


Eleazar Joel Sanchez (San Salvador – El Salvador), surrealist visionary artist born in San Salvador, El Salvador, currently residing in Palermo, Italy. His artistic expression aims to portray the transfiguration of material and spiritual life. Eleazar Sanchez reflects through his artistic styles episodes of his life while leaving an open window of interpretation for those who unconsciously seek to see themselves in his work.

His artistic training is a combination of classical painting and classical art techniques as well as personal artistic experimentation. In 1997, Eleazar graduates with a Professorate of Arts from the Academia Bellas Artes, in El Salvador. In 1998, after a small cultural artistic parentheses in Mexico City, where he gains a deeper understanding of social and cultural symbolism, he moves to New York City where he continues his visual-plastic research. While in New York, Eleazar is confronted with a dynamic and chaotic metropolitan reality, which inspires him to further experiment with new expressive techniques and to give light to images of oneiric restlessness that merge with the virtuous illusion of an engulfing metropolis. In 2002, his journey takes him to Italy in search for new artistic enlightenment. It is in Sicily that he is captivated by the majestic yet indolent allure of the land. Eleazar takes base in Palermo, and continues to build on new artistic and visual challenges, which in turn lead him to win different prizes and become recognized as a surrealist voice in Italy and Europe.

In 2004, Eleazar finds a dialogue between painting and the theater. He is contracted as a set designer and is given the freedom to design, paint, and oversee the construction and decoration of scenographic installations that are commissioned by both, public and private organizations, including the Assemblea Regionale Siciliana. Concurrently, from 2004 to 2008 Eleazar joins the Compagnia Teatrale Dialettale di Vito Zappalà, as a scenographer. His vision is such that in 2005, Eleazar enters one of his sets design into Cartolina della Solidarietà, a national competition sponsored by UNICEF, where he wins First Place. The work is then used to create the official collector’s stamp of Poste Italiane for the month of December.

In 2005, Eleazar’s reputation as a surrealist continues to take momentum in Italy. Eleazar is awarded an Honorary Degree in Classe di Pittura by the Accademia Internazionale, Città di Roma. The Degree is organized by the Embassy of El Salvador in Rome in collaboration with the Italo-Latin American Institute of Rome and the Accademia Internazionale, Città di Roma, as a way to recognize Eleazar’s work in the collective exhibition El Salvador Oggi, which showcases Salvadoran culture abroad.

In 2008, Eleazar joins the Cultural Association L’Incontro of Camporeale. There, Eleazar becomes greatly interested in Sicilian society and begins to contribute as a political cartoonist. Soon after, Eleazar is a voice in the Sicilian political climate and his political cartoons are one of the main attractions in the newspaper L’Incontro.

In 2013, after many years of exposure to the great Italian masters and being submerged in the beauty of religious art, Eleazar’s natural attraction to spirituality leads him to explore iconography and religious subjects in his work. As a result, his surrealistic style becomes the perfect bridge between religion, art, and the people. Namely, one of Eleazar’s first religious artworks, a rendition of the Madonna del Phileremo, hangs at the Priory of Catania of the Order of the Hospitaller Knights of Malta. That same year, a ceremony is offered in honor of Eleazar, in which he is given the Distinction of Honor by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of El Salvador, for internationally disseminating Salvadoran culture through painting. During the ceremony, Eleazar donates two works of Our Lady Virgen de la Paz to the Salvadoran Embassies before the Holy See and the Italian Republic, further confirming Eleazar as a strong voice in sacred-contemporary art.

In 2014, Eleazar paints one of the most important religious works in his career. An altar piece for the Basilica di Santo Stefano Maggiore in Milan. The work is inaugurated on May 23, 2015 on the occasion of the Beatification of the Martyr Msgr. Oscar Romero, to whom the painting is dedicated for his martyrdom during the Salvadoran Civil War. That same year, Eleazar is invited to the Salvadoran Embassy to be part of the delegation of representation for the Audience with the Holy Father Pope Francis in thanks for the altar piece. During the ceremony, Eleazar, via the Consular Representative, presets a unique portrait he painted of Blessed Bishop Romero to His Holiness Pope Francis. The portrait is now part of the Vatican’s private collection.

In 2016, Eleazar takes part in a small but reputable exhibition in the Diocesan Museum of Piazza Armerina, in which a series of his works are showcased for six months, including a second portrait of Romero d’America, a reinterpretation of the work donated to the Holy Father Pope Francis. In April of that same year, Eleazar has a solo show at the Galleria Frammenti D’Arte in Rome. His style was so well received that, he is adopted as a permanent artist for the gallery. Such exposure helps Eleazar gain greater notoriety, thus leading to sponsorships in other exhibitions across Italy and Europe. Consequently, Eleazar is invited to show his work at the German Art Collective in Berlin, and participates in group shows like La Via degli Artisti where his work is displayed for six consecutive months.

In 2017, Eleazar continues to partake in solo and group exhibitions that showcase his surrealistic paintings as well as his cultural and religious works across Italy and the South of France. With a never ending thirst for growth and artistic development, his creative voice continues to gain momentum through an eclectic array of styles that also encompass contemporary art, portraiture, and landscapes. Most recently, Eleazar’s interest extend beyond the canvas. He is collaborating on a project that merges food and art. The upcoming restaurant Saley Art – Bistro Gallery in Nice, France, will exhibit his work while also kindling patrons with dishes inspired by Eleazar’s paintings.

As Eleazar’s work continues to get notoriety in Italy and Europe, it is his ability to create emotions on the viewer through painting that makes his style transcend language. His unremitting desire to create result in a complex combination of personal, provocative, and spiritual subjects. Through his paintings, Eleazar expresses his cultural identity in parallel with his own sense of self realization in a singular voice that reconciles his inner passions with his illusionistic vision as an artist.


Accademia Internazionale Città di Roma, Rome, Italy, 2016
Honorary Degree in Painting and Cultural Dissemination;
awarded in recognition for work performed during the Year of Mercy, Diocese Museum of Piazza Armerina

Ministry of Foreign Relations, Embassy of El Salvador in Rome, 2015
Honorary Distinction, Dissemination of Salvadorian Culture Abroad

Accademia Internazionale Città di Roma, Rome, Italy  2005
Honorary Degree in Painting; awarded in recognition for the diffusion of Latin American Art abroad

CENAR (National Center for Fine Arts) San Salvador, El Salvador 1997
Bachelor of Fine Arts with Concentration in Fine Arts and Educational Art


La Associazione Incanti d’Arte and La Galleria Frammenti D’Arte                 November 2014
1st Place, Premio Incanti a Roma, International Art Competition

La Associazione Incanti d’Arte / L’Arte che Stupisce                                    September 2014
1st Place, Premio Incanti d’Arte, International Art Competition

La Associazione ACLI San Mateo and The Rotari  Club                                                 July 2014
5th Place, Premio Arte Pentafoglio, International Art Competition

Award from the Mayor of Termini Imerese, Palermo                                                March 2014
1st Place, La Donna Fonte di Ispirazione, Sicilian Art Competition

Road Show of Artes Visivas, Palermo                                                                          July 2012
5th Place, Estemporanea Ricasoliana, Sicilian Art Competition

Ping-Pong for Unicef, UNICEF and CONI                                                            December 2005
1st Place, Cartolina della Solidarietà, National Art Competition


Permanent Exhibition, Rome, Italy,                                                           June 03 -2018
Permanent exhibition at the Theodoli Castle in Sambuci, Rome; official presentation
organized by the art critic Claudia Simotti and Comune di Sambuci.

Permanent Exhibition, Nice, France                                                            February 2018
Permanent exhibition at the Saley’Art Bistro Gallerie, 16 Cours Saleya, Nice, France

Solo Exhibition, Rome, Italy                                      December 2017 – January 2018
Solo exhibition for the International Art show Fantasmagorica, Castello Theodoli
in Sambuci, Rome; organized by the art critic Claudia Simotti

Group Exhibition, Catania, Italy                                                                        July 2017
Group exhibition; theme Sanza Remore; Banca dei Monte Di Pietà Sant’Agata;
organized by Cultural Association REBA

Solo Exhibition, Padova, Italy                                                                         June 2017
Solo exhibition, Eros e Tanathos; Art Gallery Paolo Maffei, Padova;
organized by the art curator and critic Paolo Maffei and Manlio Gadd

International Exhibition Ahtzic Silis Gallerie & Atelier, Lyon, France     February 2017
International group exhibition in collaboration with seven artist from France,
Japan and Italy; special exhibition for Ahtzic Silis Gallerie & Atelier’s 9th anniversary

Solo Exhibition, Palermo, Italy                                                December 2016 – March 2017
Solo exhibition for Kolossos II, at Castello di Caccamo; organized by the art critic Francesca Mezzatesta
in collaboration with the Commune di Caccamo

Group Exhibition, Torino, Italy                                                                                  July 2016
Group exhibition; La Margherita Golf Club; organized by Quality Cultural Association in collaboration with Marco Berry

Artistic Collective Exhibition, Berlin, Germany                                                 May – July 2016
Berlino, Rassegna d’Arte exhibition; organized by La Via Degli Artisti Gallery & Auction House

Solo Exhibition, Rome, Italy                                                               March – April 2016
Galleria D’Arte Frammenti d’Arte exhibition; organized by the Cultural Association
Frammenti d’Arte Monteverde Vecchio and Incanti d’Arte, l’Arte che stupisce

Group Exhibition, Piazza Armerina, Italy                                     March – October 2016
Group exhibition; theme Giubileo Straordinario degli Artisti, with the work Beato Martire Mons. Romero d’America,
at the International Show for Sacred-Contemporary Art and Cultural Ecclesiastical Works, at the Museo Diocesano di Piazza Armerina;
organized by  the Accademia Internazionale, Città di Roma, and the Museo Diocesano de Piazza Armerina;
patronage from the Comune di Piazza Armerina

Group Exhibition, Rome, Italy                                                                 November 2015
Group exhibition; theme Incanti a Roma, Gallery Frammenti d’Arte Monteverde Vecchio;
organized by the Asociazione Culturale Incanti d’Arte L’Arte Che Stupisce; patronage from
Galleria Frammenti d’Arte Monteverde Vecchio

Permanent Exhibition, Palermo, Italy                                               July 2015 – Present
Artists for Via Maqueda exhibition, Sala delle Carrozze de Villa Niscemi at the National Palace in Palermo,
as part of the project Pittori del Maqued’art; organized by the Associazione Culturale Maqueda Pedonale;
patronage from the Comune Di Palermo

Permanent Altar Piece, Milan, Italy                                                        May 2015 – Present
Altar Piece dedicated to the Martyr Monseñor Oscar Arnulfo Romero, La Bienvenida del Beato Mons. Romero d’America,
Basilica de Santo Stefano Maggiore, Milan

Group Exhibition, Palermo, Italy                                                                 December 2014
Group Exhibition, Palazzo Asmundo; theme I Colori Della Pace; organized by the
Cultural Association Maqueda Pedonale; patronage from Comune Di Palermo

National Group Exhibition, Ficuzza, Italy                                                         November 2014
National Group Exhibition; theme Sulle Orme di Francesco Carbone, Royal Palace of Ficuzza;
Patronage from the Asamblea Regional de Sicilia

Group Exhibition, Bagheria, Italy                                                                September 2014
Group Exhibition; theme Goccie Di Poesia, Arte ed Emozioni; organized by the
Cultural Association Giuseppe Bagnera

International Art Competition, Palermo, Italy                                                         July 2014
Fifth Place recipient; theme Adotta Parco Uditore; organized by the Cultural Association
Acli San Mateo at the Rotary Club, South Palermo

Figurative Art Competition, Termini Imerese, Italy                                               March 2014
First Place recipient; theme La Donna Fonte di Ispirazione; organized by the Cultural Association
Mega Eventi; patronage from Comune Di Termini Imerese

Group Exhibition, Palermo, Italy                                                                   December 2013
Group Exhibition; theme Arte Nell’Arte, Palazzo Nuccio; organized by the Cultural Association Sicily my Land

Group Exhibition, Palermo, Italy                                                                   November 2013
Group Exhibition; theme Nuda  Arte e Cultura Contro la Violenzza sulle Donne
(Nude Art and Cultural Movement Against Violence towards Women)
organized by the Cultural Association ANTILIA; patronage from Comune Di Palermo

Group Exhibition, Palermo, Italy                                                                   November 2013
Il Paessaggio Rappresentato exhibition, Week of Education for Sustainable Development;
patronage from the National Italian Commission of UNESCO

Group Exhibition, Palermo, Italy                                                                    December 2012
Group Exhibition L’Arte Rinascente, Sala Expositiva de la Rinascente de Palermo;
organized by the Architectural Firm Ellecci Architecture; patronage from Cantina Settesoli

Group Exhibition, Lyon, France                                                                              November 2012
Group exhibition Soirèe El Salvador, Theater Paul II dell’Universitè Catholique de Lyon,
France, in commemoration of the Salvadoran Martyr Monseñor Romero; organized by the Catholic University of Lyon

Contemporary Art Competition, Palermo, Italy                                                           July 2012
Fifth place recipient; Ricasolina exhibition; organized by the Cultural Association
Crogiolo Arti; patronage from Comune Di Palermo

National Art Competition, Palermo, Italy                                                            December 2005
First Place recipient for Cartolina Della Solidarieta; theme Una Scuola per i Bambini di Beslan;
organized by the Cultural Association Ping-Pong for UNICEF and the CONI de Palermo.
This work is also the Official Collector’s Stamp for the Italian Mail in Palermo for the month of December

Group Exhibition, Paris, France                                                                                         July 2005
Group Exhibition, Maison De L’america Latin de París; organized with the help of the Salvadoran Embassy in Paris

Group Exhibition, Rome, Italy                                                                             January 2005
EL SALVADOR OGGI exhibition, IILA Latin American Institute in Rome; organized by the Salvadoran Embassy in Rome
Solo Exhibition, Palermo, Italy                                                                                   April – May 2004
Surrealist solo exhibition Dipinti Dal Subcosciente; organized by the Cultural Association Lula Palusa Art Caffè in Palermo

Solo Exhibition, Palermo, Italy                                                                   February – March 2004
Surrealist solo exhibition Dipinti Dal Subcosciente; organized by the Cultural Association CCP Agricantus de Palermo


Ares e Afrodite, oil on Canvas                                                                      June 2018
At the privet collection and in open exhibition at the Theodoli Castle, Sambuci, Rome

Beato Mons. Romero d’America, oil on Canvas                                   October 2015
Presented to Holy Father Pope Francis in thanks for the Beatification of the Blessed Msgr. Romero, Rome

La Madonna della Mazza, oil on Canvas                                                         July 2015
Church of Madonna del Soccorso Della Mazza, Palermo; permanent exhibition at Sala delle Carrozze, Palermo

Altar Piece La Bienvenida del Beato  Romero de America, oil on Canvas,   May 2015
Dedicated to Blessed Martyr Mons. Romero’s Beatification, Basilica di Santo Stefano Maggiore, Milan

Virgen de la Paz, oil on canvas                                                            November 2014
Holy See, Vatican City, the Vatican

Virgen de la Paz, oil on canvas                                                            November 2014
Embassy of La República de El Salvador at Italy, Rome

La Madonna del Phileremo, oil on Canvas                                            November 2014
Priory  di Catania of the Orden of de Saint John of Jerusalen, Knights Hospitaliers, Russian Grand Priory
of Malta (International philanthropic Society), Malta

Il Veliero Della Solidarietà, oil on Canvas                                                December 2005
Donated to the Cultural Association Ping Pong for UNICEF; Official stamp for the Italian Post Office of Palermo, month of December

ENCERRADO, oil on Canvas                                                                                January 2005
Salvadoran Consulate, Rome


Assemblea Regionale Siciliana, Palermo, Italy                                         August 2007
Set designs for the Theatrical demonstration during the 60th anniversary of the Assemblea Regionale Siciliana

Teatro Politeama di Palermo, Palermo, Italy                                              June 2006
Set Design for the Cumedia Nova; organized by the Lions Club of Palerm

Associazione Anti Mafia, Corleone, Italy                                              September 2006
Musical Corleone, with the extraordinary participation of Marco Morandi; Villa di Corleone

Teatro Savio de Palermo                                                                                 May 2004
Musical Yoseph; organized and produced by the Teatro Savio di Palermo


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