Gerhard Popp

100 x 100 cm
Mixed technique on canvas


Gerhard Popp (Bayern  – Germany) Born in 1961 in Kulmbach. Studied at the FH Rosenheim and FH Coburg in the department Architecture / Interior Design
1987 graduated as a graduate engineer (FH) in the field of interior design. 1985-1994 Co-operator of the artist group Randstein Kulmbach – Galerie Randstein. In 1989 he joined the professional association of visual artists the catgorie of painters, graphic artists, sculptors

Member of the Kunstverein Kulmbach
Member of the Kunstverein Coburg
Member of Kulturkreis Kirchstetten / Vienna

Participation in numerous solo and group exhibitions:
Kulmbach (Plassenburg, Town Hall …)
Bayreuth (district office)
Lichtenfels (Art and Living)
Neudrossenfeld (art in the media room, Holtz AG)
Coburg (Galerie Späth, Kunstverein Coburg)
Bamberg (BBK Villa Dessauer)
Forchheim (Town hall halls)
Bad Alexandersbad (Ev.
Waischenfeld (castle gallery)
Thurnau (Castle Thurnau)
Erlangen (Fraunhofer Institute)
Nuremberg (Stadtsparkasse)
Darmstadt (Institute of New Technical Form)
Kronach (Old Market Hall, Galerie Ambiente)
Munich (German Museum)
Hannover (Gallery Altwarmbüchen)
Flensburg (Holmen Passage)
Frankfurt (Fördergemeinschaft good light)
Plauen (gallery in the malt house)
Berlin (Erotic Museum on the Kurfürstendamm)
Cologne (Inter Art Gallery Reich),
Tajimi City (Ceramic Festival, Japan)
Domzale, Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Courtyard (gallery in the house Theresienstein)
Berlin (National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians)
Kirchstetten-Vienna (Gallery M-Austria)
Karlsruhe (Gallery Reinert)
ART Innsbruck
ART Montreux

Competition successes:
1st Prize Competition Stadthalle Kulmbach 1988 fountain
3rd Prize Competition District Clinic Rehau 1992 Artistic design
1st Prize Competition Bad Rodach 2002 fountain
1st Prize International Competition “Time” 2005 painting

Prices :
1999 1.Beate Uhse Erotik – Art Prize 1999 in the context of the international
Culture Festival Vision Schleswig – Holstein
2000 Culture Award 2000 of the Kulmbacher Serviceclubs
2017 Culture Award of the District Kulmbach

1993 Nervenkrankenhaus Bayreuth – 3 ceramic figures outdoors
1995/96 Karl-Herold-Seniorenwohnanlage Kulmbach – Artistic overall design with ceramic wall designs and fountains
1997 Aussegnungshalle Thurnau – artistic design with painting
2000 Resurrection Church Kulmbach – artistic design with painting
2000 House of the child Kulmbach – Artistic facade design with plastics
2002 Fountain installation for Bad Rodach
2003 senior village Kirschenallee Thurnau – artistic design with
ceramic wall designs and fountain system
2005/06 7-day boarding school Rehbergheim Kulmbach
istic design with ceramic wall designs
2008 Forum Fa.BD-Sensors Thierstein – artistic design with painting
2017 Heiner Stenglein retirement and nursing home Kulmbach
Art object Wegzeichen 3 glass steles in concrete foundation
1990 Glass concrete windows, sculptures in private areas

“Expressing his central topics: the internal distortions, layers and structures of the human psyche.
Drawn under the surface of explosive colors the fine structures of figurative spirituality can be defined.
Chagallike beings in tunnels, tubes and spirals revolve as in the eternal course of becoming and passing away from love, life and death.
Although very colourful and expressively bright, many things appear dark and puzzled. One can feel the tension, fears and conflicts between the inside and outside world.
Power, war, violence, the chaos tamed by the masterful hand of the artist alone, involved in a harmony of colour and line.
Nature, history, God and the world, and in between man with all its passion and the abysses of his existence:
Everything is part of a whole, amoeba-chained together and interwoven. ”

Dr. Rupprecht Konrad
Art historian


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