Masin Mauro

The hitter
120×90 cm
Olio su tela


Masin Mauro (Treviso  – Italy)

School education:
⁃       Diploma at technical institute geometri Einaudi in Montebelluna
⁃       attended for three years the University of Padova Faculty of Physics.
Artistic training completely self-taught.

⁃       Collective exhibition “Mostra d’arte” at the polifunzionale di Vidor 17-23 May 2010.
⁃       Publication of one artwork in the catalog of 1° Effetto arte award.
⁃       Personal exhibition at the “primavera del prosecco”, polifunzionale di Vidor 25 February-11 March 2012.
⁃       Collective exhibition “Piero Della Valentina” 2012 Cordignano.
⁃       Collective exhibition “Confronti” Ca’ dei Carraresi, Treviso 15-23 June 2013
⁃       Collective exhibition “Figuratively speaking”, New York, 7-27 February 2014
⁃       Collective exhibition “Artistic confessions”, Elbschloss Residenz, Hamburg April 12-Mai 7 2014
⁃       Collective exhibition “Spectrum Miami” at Euart Panorama Europa stand, 3-7 December 2014, Miami.
⁃       Collective exhibition “Biennale di Palermo” 11-25 January 2015, Palermo.
⁃       Collective exhibition “Premio Guglielmo II” 21-29 March 2015, galleria civiva Giuseppe Sciortino, Monreale.
⁃       First place in the selections for “ARTPROTAGONIST 2015” November 14-December 27 2015, Villa Contarini, Piazzola sul Brenta, Padova.
⁃       One of the selected artists in the 32nd Chelsea international fine art competition; 19-30 August 2017, New York.
–  One of the selected artists in the BIANCOSCURO ART CONTEST 2017 with the artwork

Strongly influenced by the works of Edward Hopper, Italian artist Masin Mauro has created a stylized realism laced with elements of noir. In recent years, Mauro has pushed back against the idea of “art as a casual thing supported by speeches,” urging a return to the pursuit of aesthetic beauty. His figures are indeed beautiful, often caught in wistful moments, unaware of the voyeurs before them. Though he calls another continent home, the conversation continues between Mauro and his idol. “The culture of Veneto has inevitably influenced me,” he says, “but I feel American in art.”

Agorà Gallery (New York)
The art of Mauro Masin, an Italian self-taught painter, is perhaps more ”real” than what we would expect from the ultimate realistic art. The sensibility of Masin, in fact, is such that it is able to make the simplicity sharply true, sometimes even more true than the realism itself.
There is no pretense in his representations, nor in his sensibility, which reaches clearly and directly into the eye of the beholder.
Masin tends to label his work with the term ”realism”, and after all, it could not be otherwise; However his realism seems to be so well done, that it is hard not to see some features of our personal life in the images the painter portrays: it is a realism of a silent stationary and timeless world.
As Masin himself claims, his painting follows the taste of the American Edward Hopper, especially for the light choice. The light in his painting is expressed by a penetrating chiaroscuro that makes Masin’s pictorial talent highly sophisticated. In his work taste, talent, colors’ harmony and artistic sensibility are blended together; it is a work of choices, rather than creations, it is a silence work, which has no interpretation key.
Masin’s pictures speak for themselves, his aim explains itself and at the same time concludes itself in the women faces he use to portray, into light and darkness in which his attention focuses on.
The painter’s presence is invisible: he seems to intent to leave alone his landscapes and his figures, just in the way they are in real life; he seems to appreciate the world that, at the same time, he wants not to be involved in, he seems to love women as beings, while at the same time being completely unrelated to them.
Martina Biz


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