Masin Mauro

80×60 cm.
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5000 €


Masin Mauro (Treviso  – Italy), born in 1989, Valdobbiadene, resident Vidor (TV)
School education:
– Diploma at technical institute geometri Einaudi in Montebelluna
– attended for three years the University of Padova Faculty of Physics.
Artistic training completely self-taught.
– Collective exhibition “Mostra d’arte” at the polifunzionale di Vidor 17-23 May 2010.
– Publication of one artwork in the catalog of 1° Effetto arte award.
– Personal exhibition at the “primavera del prosecco”, polifunzionale di Vidor 25
February-11 March 2012.
– Collective exhibition “Piero Della Valentina” 2012 Cordignano.
– Collective exhibition “Confronti” Ca’ dei Carraresi, Treviso 15-23 June 2013
– Collective exhibition “Figuratively speaking”, New York, 7-27 February 2014
– Collective exhibition “Artistic confessions”, Elbschloss Residenz, Hamburg April 12-
Mai 7 2014
– Collective exhibition “Spectrum Miami” at Euart Panorama Europa stand, 3-7
December 2014, Miami.
– Collective exhibition “Biennale di Palermo” 11-25 January 2015, Palermo.
– Collective exhibition “Premio Guglielmo II” 21-29 March 2015, galleria civiva
Giuseppe Sciortino, Monreale.
– First place in the selections for “ARTPROTAGONIST 2015” November 14-
December 27 2015, Villa Contarini, Piazzola sul Brenta, Padova.
– One of the selected artists in the 32nd Chelsea international fine art competition;
19-30 August 2017, New York.
Critical comments:
Mauro Masin is a self-taught artist working in oil paint on canvas. In painting, he has made
it his goal to depict ordinary, everyday life as he observes it, portraying subjects he is
personally familiar with. The paintings often seem to be a meditation on what the subject is
seeing while the painter is seeing and representing them.
Influenced deeply by Edward Hopper and his lifelong investment in painting the everyday,
Masin uses the drama of light and shadow to emphasize a mood in his creations. The
high-contrast quality of many of his paintings in conjunction with the strategic framing of
the subject suggests a cinematic quality to the works: the viewer and the artist are together
watching a scene unfold. Depicting architecture, landscape, and the figure, Masin often
tends to focus in on a centralized point of interest. Whether it is a beautiful woman or a
bright flash of light that illuminates the surrounding scene, Masin skillfully guides the eye
through life as he perceives it with his brush.
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