Sery Mastropietro


Le tre età

Sery Mastropietro (Roma – Italy).Professional painter, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. She started painting very young under the guidance of prof. Gentilini. She spent her childhood in contact with nature of which she still manages today through her works, to transmit the soft colors, as well as the ingenuity of the feelings linked to that period. Favorite technique is oil painting; apparently instinctive, cast and improvised, her spontaneous painting leads the viewer to a profound reflection of a retrospective nature. In what she portrays there is no fleeting glimpse of what she observes, but deep understanding and her subjects express vitality thanks to the lively brushstroke. Temporally her way is close to the Impressionists because it does not imitate the visible world, but interprets it through the colors, emphasizing its own inventiveness. Sometimes it is linked to abstractionism, but without ever losing sight of the value of reality.


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