Sinikka Elfving

60×80 cm
acrilico su tela


Sinikka Elfving (Hokksund  – Norway)​ is a Nordic Painter. She is inspired by the contraries of the Arctic life, dark, long and cold Winters and the bright Sommers. She transforms her experiences to lyrics on canvas; spiritual and expressionistic. She also hopes to be able to inspire people to value the spiritual meaning of life, to protect the nature and work for Peace. Her art was seen in many International Artfairs, Biennals and Museums in USA and Europe. She exhibited at the Jubile of the Mercy in the Halls of the Vatican. She received 32 International Prizes: Effetto Arte Prizes, Oscar, Golden Palm, World Art Collection, French Riviera, Knights of Art , Prizes for Peace and Human Rights among them. Her art has been published in numerous International catalogs, Art Magazines and on line. One of her works stays in USA in the permanent collection of Metropolitan-Gallery/Art -Museum Las Vegas.


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